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Industry status quo

The last few decades have seen the advent of ubiquitous computing devices. These devices are now embedded in all manner of human activity. These appliances and applications have touched all levels of human activity.

The last decade or two has seen these “Islands of Automation” monitor and control many tasks throughout the industrial and business world. Many of these islands are also interconnected due to the widespread availability of ubiquitous low-cost interconnections via the Internet.

In tandem; Enterprise automation has seen very large advances. Many parts of the business practices of today, (2019) are deeply affected by the level of Enterprise automation which now encompass businesses large and small across the globe.

The “Islands of Automation” typically have a very long deployment longevity. Typical longevity times for these islands are in the order of 10 to 15 years or more. The mentality of the stake-holders is one of “If it isn’t broke … Do not fix it”

Problem Statement

Current paradigm in industries suffers from a “Balkanization” of actionable information. This is primarily due to the fact that it is typically not within the vendor or supplier’s interest to interoperate with other or their competitor’s devices. However, for industries having a diversity of choices to solve problems within their business practices is very attractive. This “Balkanization” leads to inefficiencies of operation and confusion during day-to-day operations.

There have been several attempts at standardization of communications protocols and interface methods. Some of these practices are prevalent today. A few of the more wide-spread examples of these practices include MODBUS, FIELD BUS, HTTP, BAC-NET. The difficulty with obtaining actionable information, even with standards-based protocols, lie with the rendering of the actionable information.

On top of that, the rendering is usually done using a full custom vendor-supplied Graphical User Interface, (GUI). There is NO compelling reason for the equipment vendor to supply a uniform GUI which will interoperate with the competitor’s equipment. Thus we have the Balkanization of actionable information. This Balkanization is the primary reason why we see a clutter of terminals in the Command and Response Center, or Network Operations Center (NOC) in almost all modern corporations today.

what they offer vs what we offer are highlighted

Currently existing IoT platforms from Azure, AWS, Google and IBM are just an arrangement of infrastructure services provided them and their solution will be tightly bound with their cloud infrastructure services. TRANSEC is cloud agnostic and can be used standalone or with any cloud service providers

TRANSEC patent issued platform

Our agile and lean approach

The vast majority of businesses have invested capital and resources in plant upgrades for their Enterprise and Processes. It would be naïve to think that any business leader would be willing to “scrap” their existing practices for a “new technology”. Therefore; TRANSEC system can be implemented in such a way to leverage both the existing and any new, present and/or future technologies. An example of this change is shown as two (2) use cases:

As-it happens

Use Cases 1

  • Problem detection “as-it-happens”
  • Stake-holders are made aware
  • System makes analyses and recommends course of action
  • Stake-holders organize electronic media
  • Actions are taken to resolve the problem


Use Cases 2

  • Data and analytics from system detect a potential early warning
  • Stake-holders are made aware before problem exists
  • Stake-holders schedule maintenance using this on-demand model

TRANSEC unique 3AIs

The new paradigm requires a system which uses various types of “intelligence” to fulfill the criteria of seamlessly connecting the Enterprise, Stake-holders and Processes as a synergistic collective. We call it Transec Three AI system of communications and information dissemination.

Adaptive Intelligence

Transec is adaptive in nature and learns the connectivity to any new devices participating in the network. It is agnostic to technology and protocols. In this way; we “future-proof” the network.

Actionable Intelligence

TRANSEC presents the information in a unified format. This information presentation is ADHOC and ondemand. The presentation is dynamic and is readily configurable by ANY stakeholder to create a custom view on demand. Doing this will virtually eliminate “Information Balkanization”

Affordable Intelligence

TRANSEC helps to realise any IIOT solution with a very low upfront capital. Affordability also includes the cost-of-ownership. TRANSEC needs zero-configuration and allow adaptation of any new devices or technology without any human intervention. It self-heals and alert the stake-holders if any parts of the system are not performing to within nominal operating parameters


TRANSEC is an advanced IIOT networking platform which allows the connection of any existing or new application into the business process. TRANSEC also allows a seamless interconnection of the Enterprise to any business process.


Agile and Cloud Agnostic: An advanced ADHOC information platform and its tool-set is cloud agnostic, it can be implemented on any Cloud or even on bear metal systems which sits behind enterprise firewall


Stationary or Mobile: The NODES can communicate using a variety of existing protocols including GSM and WiFi


Scalable: The system can scale to a single NODE via direct GSM connection, or 1000’s of nodes using a low-power wireless technology


Self-healing: TRANSEC network incorporates the latest advances in network management technology optimized for practices on the corporate shop-floor


Future-Proof: TRANSEC is protocol and data model agnostic. Any new technology or use case can be readily adopted without anticipating what the future holds. This allows an initial streamlined deployment along with addition of any advances in technology without having to accommodate the changes in advance.

TRANSEC Core features

TRANSEC current use-cases

Core Team

We are a tightly woven global company driven by the zeal to bring knowledge and experience from all over the world to transform traditional IIOT solutions

Ken Wada


Ken has over 25 years of experience architecting and designing high-tech products and systems. He is regarded as an embedded and communications guru in Silicon Valley and also serves as the track chair for the Embedded Systems Conference USA.

Murthy Ivaturi


Murthy has over 18 years of experience in architecting, designing and implementing enterprise grade Software Solutions. He is an expert at at implementing a huge Network Management System (NMS) for the leading Cable Infrastructure company in the USA.

Neelesh Reddy Lankireddy


Neelesh is results-oriented visionary with unique background in engineering and management. After making a mark at major corporates, he has worked with multiple start-ups from ideation to production and seen to it that they grow into successful businesses.

Srinivas Maddala


Srinivas has over 9 years of experience in designing and implementing Network Management Software. He has been a part of multiple MNCs before consulting startups, leading the development teams right from architecting until product release stages.

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